Music festivals 2022: The best events to attend worldwide

The musical and artistic life in Europe is getting as intense as ever. The schedule of big festivals is pretty high, to any liking.
Whether you like to travel or stay at home and watch live streaming, there’s always something to do in 2022.
Many bands and organizers in Europe practice both ways, so there’s a bigger guarantee one will easily choose what suits him the most.  

Rock music festivals in Europe

The lovers of rock music celebrate many opportunities to enjoy the brightest events in 2022. From Spain to the Netherlands, one can select any niche festival of that kind. One of these events must be visited even if a person is into another style of music. They are greatly promoted in mass media and perfectly organized in all ways.
No less than a dozen of well-known bands are taking place in each listed location. Newcomers of the rock stage are welcomed to try their forces too.

Dance-pop music festivals 2022

Sunny places of nature and resorts are traditionally the best places for pop music events. Check for these offers and make your choice if you’re fond of dancing and leisure.
  1. Isle of Wight Festival. One of the few places in the UK where one can fully recharge his batteries on a beach, it also suggests three days of the musical drive.
  2. Hideout Festival. Croatia is hard to miss when it comes to many-sided relaxation and old good pop. Hideout is a July electronic party for avid dancers.
  3. Neversea. The Romanian Black sea coast hides such cool opportunities as the July pop-music festival. It’s something not to miss, with local and worldwide celebs.
The best electronic DJs, bands, and singers are presenting their creativity on the open air for a big audience with such bonuses as summer sports and local beverages.

Western music festivals 2022

Partying in the West is iconic and a large number of legendary bands took their beginning there. 2022 is full of events and there’s no exception either.
The compilation of retro and ultra-modern tendencies is making these mass meetings unforgettable, along with the multi-national cosmopolitan audience.
Black Deer Festival 2022: the Eridge Park in Kent is ready to embrace music lovers from around the globe, from country style to progressive electro.
TRNSMT Festival 2022: good music is never enough, and TRNSMT made it clear by expanding for two weekends instead of one. It gladly opens its doors in Glasgow, in July.
Tramlines 2022: called the best metropolitan festival, Tramlines counts 10 years of impressive and nostalgic history. It now takes place in Hillsborough Park.
Regardless of the event or style one is going to choose for his 2022 musical memories, these awesome gatherings aren’t going to disappoint.
Loud, fun, and highly professional, they are meant to entertain all age categories and social layers through the summertime of 2022.
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published on 01.02.2022