Stefania and Eurovision: Ukrainian phenomenon on the world stage

Eurovision is one of the main yearly events every country is anticipating to watch. It’s not by accident that exactly Ukraine has won the competition in 2022.
This victory has raised very different reactions. Some felt happy for Ukraine and sincerely liked that unique ethnic song while others claimed it happened for the wrong reasons.
To prove that Ukraine conquered the first place not just because of the audience’s compassion, let’s take a look at this country’s previous achievements.

Wild Dances by Ruslana

Ruslana is an extremely authentic Ukrainian singer who impersonalized ancient Hutsul musical style and the atmosphere.
It wasn’t necessary, however, to know much about folklore in Ukraine in order to appreciate the song. It appeared to be dynamic and unique enough to draw people’s attention.
In 2004, Wild Dances has took first place in Eurovision, although Ukraine was rather a young member of the international contest after joining it a year prior to that.
To clarify a bit more whether Ruslana was worthy of such trust, she composed the song herself. Also, as a detail, she does have an academic education in music.

Mika Newton and Zlata Ognevich

Ukraine always stood out from the crowd offering really strong voices and visually mesmerizing performances.
In 2011, a young charming singer Mika Newton impressed the audience with her beautiful vocal and a memorable sand show on the stage. She had all the reasons to win her 4th place.
While Zlata Ognevich who didn’t make it for 2011, succeeded in 2013 and got her fair 3rd position. Many still compare her image and performance with Disney princesses.
These feminine singers and their classical academic approach are something not each country can provide. Iconic values are to care for and develop no matter how progressive we get.

1944 by Jamala

Politics in the music, is it a good or a bad thing? Ukraine has missed the participation in Eurovision in 2015 after those shocking and devastating events of 2014.
But already next year, it has reached first place with a striking and tragic Jamala’s song called 1944. Its lyrics and atmosphere rather respond to the current war in Ukraine.
Jamala is quite a phenomenon on the world stage, as well as Ukrainian music in general. She is a recognized jazz & soul star, an opera actress, an English songwriter, and a composer.

SHUM by Go_A

In 2021, the audience of Eurovision is impressed again by Ukrainian folklore and professionalism. The band called Go_A is reaching 5th place.
A local authentic flute, African drums, and various types of guitars create a unique mix of sounds and perceptions. One of the musicians plays over 30 instruments freely.
Kateryna Pavlenko has a powerful and many-sided vocal. She also composes her own songs and plays several instruments on a professional level.

Stefania by Kalush Orchestra

After all these fair and well-deserved victories, the choice of Eurovision 2022 looks solid and grounded. Kalush Orchestra has presented an actual and gracefully ethnic song.
It is not exactly politically motivated, but it rather reflects Ukrainian reality on all levels, from cultural aspects to everyday events. Sadly, these events are about war.
Despite the tragic topic, the song is appreciated for its dynamic and positive vibes. Musicians made sure to look bright, impressive, and unforgettable.
Along with Oleg’s piercing voice and massive visual show, it played a decisive role and brought the long-expected, widely discussed victory to Ukraine. Just another one.
Throughout its participation history, the country became the only one that always reaches the final. It overcame other countries by the number of victories and won three times in total.

Picture: Eurovision
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published on 29.07.2022