LiveArtist.EU Cookies Policy

In order for this website to work properly, we sometimes store small data files called cookies on your device. Most large websites also use this method.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit certain websites. Cookies have many different purposes, such as making a website easier to use, more intuitive and more interesting.
How do we use cookies?
We use system and tracking cookies, that collect information about your actions on our website, including when your session begins, login information, website visits and more.
This data is collected for the purposes of identification (ie so that you can log into your account and then use it), security and interface settings (ie so that our website is displayed in a way that is appropriate for your device).
Your data collected through system and tracking cookies may be shared with partners who are part of the Live Artist platform in order to process sessions for your transactions. It is also possible to share this information with our marketing and advertising partners in order to carry out various marketing and advertising activities.
In addition to system and tracking cookies, we also use social cookies (for social networks) and advertising cookies. These cookies collect information about your actions on our website, such as which artists and which events you are viewing. This information is shared with our advertising partners such as facebook and google so that you receive advertising content that meets your specific interests.
Social cookies may link the information collected on our website to our partner social networks such as Twitter and Facebook in order to display advertising content.
The personal data collected through cookies is stored on our website for different amounts of time - depending on the specific cookie. The maximum time limit set for our cookies is three years.
Some cookies store your data only until the end of your session.
Legal basis for using cookies
The use of system and tracking cookies is necessary to carry out the services offered on our website (eg access to your account and purchase of a ticket). Social and advertising cookies are used for marketing purposes.
We use system and tracking cookies for legitimacy purposes, as well as so that you can enter into a ticket purchase agreement with us. Social and advertising cookies are used based on the consent you may provide on your first visit to our website.
How to control cookies
You can control and/or delete cookies at any time directly from your browser - for more information see
You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer through your browser settings. You can also set most browsers to prevent new cookies from being saved.
List of cookies on our website:

Session cookie.
X-Auth - Cookie used to authenticate the user during the session.
X-Auth-Refresh - A cookie used to refresh an X-Auth cookie.
cart_state – A cookie that stores the status of the shopping cart for display.
Cookie Policy - A cookie for storing the user's consent to the cookie policy.
Checkout  - A cookie to store user data required for the payment process.
Google Analytics - A cookie used to analyze the use of the website.

Mandatory cookies
These are basic cookies, the page cannot function without them.
Functional cookies
These are cookies that are used to measure page traffic and analysis.
Advertising cookies
These are cookies that are used for web advertising

Cookies for social networks
These are cookies that are used for social networks such as facebook, google + and twitter