Ukrainian musicians’ migration: Freedom spirit on the world scene

Get to know more about Ukrainian musicians’ migration and its influence on the world scene. Some facts about Ukraine music in 2022
Since 2014 the year of the Maidan Revolution, Ukrainian musicians are seeking safety and self-realization in other countries of the world.
This tendency is growing especially strong today, during the full-fledged war. Ukrainian musicians’ migration affects the whole world scene.

Charity concerts in Europe

The very first thing evacuated or emigrated musicians can do is participate in charity projects or even organize them.
Lemniskata concert in Warsaw, Kultura pro Ukrajinu in Prague, Solidarity concerts in Sofia and Plovdiv were called to support Ukrainians.
Many actual musicians from Kyiv took a part in them, both as participants and the audience. It’s their way to fight for freedom too.

Yaroslav’s story and charity role

Among Ukrainian musicians’ migration stories, this one has an honorable place.
Yaroslav Kmitko from Kyiv was lucky enough to escape from the explosions on the Left-bank of the city.
His outstanding talent as a saxophonist has opened many doors for him and made him a part of the musical community.
A big audience had an opportunity to enjoy his skills on a big street scene in Sofia. Over 10 thousand dollars have been gathered for Ukrainian refugees with his help.
Invited by the organizer of the event, Vasil Georgiev – best known as Vasko the Patch, Yaroslav has added a lot to people’s excitement and musical perfection.
His next destination is now Germany which greatly welcomes Ukrainian refugees and opens new horizons for underground musicians.

Classical music and war

Dozens of musical schools and institutions around Ukraine were trapped by war conditions. Classical musicians take their stand in this situation.
The Stolyarsky school of music in Odessa became a lullaby for many world-famous artists and performers. It now finds itself in danger too.
In order to support this massive and greatly beloved organization that raises young talents, western and European musicians care to visit it or help its teachers evacuate.
In particular, Odessa pianist Alexey Botvinov managed to escape to Germany, mainly with the help of his old-time friend Daniel Hope, Orchestra Music Director.
Together, Alexey and Daniel have launched the new digital album “The Music for Ukraine”. Its purpose is to show the world what Ukrainian music is.
The charity concept is also present there, as it is announced that the money out from the album sale will be directed to pro-Ukrainian funds and organizations.

Ukrainian radio stations in Europe

Live broadcasting is a great way to get international and multi-cultural. A new radio station in Prague is completely dedicated to Ukrainians.
It gives an opportunity to any musician or amateur DJ from Ukraine to express themselves and find their audience in the Czech Republic.
Both those who remained in Ukraine and those who relocated to Prague, are taking part in interviews and online concerts.
This awesome charity project unites Ukrainians and compassionate Europeans, helps Kyiv musicians adapt to another country, and goes even beyond that.
A young singer from Kalush Sofia Tatomyr was as traumatized by war as millions of other talented youngsters. She found her relief in helping the radio station launch.
Sofia’s mesmerizing voice has become a sound of hope for all the big audience attracted by this brilliant charity concept.
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published on 20.04.2022